OpuLux®- Acryl Glass

Glass fronts have been used for ages to create an elegant and opulent appearance in interior furniture. However, real glass is heavy and risky to handle.

Keeping the innovation train speeding, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd Concepts is proud to announce the launch of another revolutionary product - OpuLux Acryl Glass Panels.

OpuLux - Acryl Glass panels are made from high quality European surface with glass effect, giving the appearance of depth just like real glass. This coextruded material combines the aesthetic advantages of real glass fronts with the processing and practical advantages of OpuLux panels.

Advantages of OpuLux®- Acryl Glass Panels

  • o Available on a host of core materials like plywood, birch plywood, MDF, particle board, PVC foam, WPC and honey comb
  • o Matching polymer backer for stable construction
  • o Very easy to handle and process
  • o Ability to be cut and drilled on site for fitting of handles
  • o Light weight
  • o Excellent impact strength
  • o Easy to clean and maintain
  • o Available in 8 x 4 sized ready to use panels


Kitchen Shutters


Retail and Store Display fixtures


Hotels and Restaurants

  • Colors
    • OLU AG - 3000 White

      OLU AG - 3001 Cream

      OLU AG - 3002 Beige

      OLU AG - 3003 Slate Grey

      OLU AG - 3004 Grey Brown

      OLU AG - 3005 Sea Green

      "Please note that colors, shades, ranges may vary from the actual product color because of printing, monitor setting. Colors, shades, ranges may be discontinued with or without prior notice."

  • Properties and Maintenance
    • Properties of OpuLux®- Acryl Glass Panels



      Top Laminate



      Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, Composite Boards

      Back Laminate

      Polymer Laminate


      Hotmelt PUR

      Standard Thickness

      20 mm


      2440 mm


      1220 mm

      Gloss Level (at 60o)

      >85 GLE

      Scratch Resistance

      1.1 N

      Surface Protection

      Protective film on top

      Care & Maintenance of OpuLux® Acryl Glass Panels

      Microfiber or regular cloth can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking the cloth. High gloss surface should not be cleaned using a dry cloth. No scouring or abrasive cleaning material must be used since these will damage the brilliance of the surface gloss. Window cleaners, thinners, acetone, ammonia or other aggressive chemicals should not be used for cleaning.