• Surfaces Reporter February 2019 issue features Praveedh Decor MD’s insight on prelaminated acrylic panels.

    01 Feb 2019

    Praveedh Decor, previously known as Prestige Interio Concepts, has been operating as one of the leading manufacturers of premium prelaminated boards. Known for their quality and durability, their products like OpuLux, Nivesa and Zooper this company have been making waves since the day they launched.

  • Kitchen Desire Magazine

    30 Jul 2018

    Realize your wildest design fantasies with Opulux- Fantasy! while designing any furniture. It liberates them from the shackles of restrictive monochrome options when choosing acrylic panels.

  • Featuring Kitchen Technologies

    15 Jan 2018

    Shakespeare Quoted, "what's there in a name?" but we believe it's only the name thatmatter for brands like us!

  • Kal, Aaj aur Kal scenarios

    12 Oct 2017

    Often clouded by doubts and individual perceptions, the rollout of GST last month must be seen as a progressive step, insists Mr. Pankaj Chandak. A former banker in the US, he is now MD and CEO of Mumbai-based pre-laminated boards manufacturing company, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd

  • Zooper pre-lam boards open up many applications

    01 Mar 2017

    Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd has a laser-sharp focus to provide products and services that add tremendous value to their customer’s business. In line with this innate philosophy, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd announces the launch of its new range of pre-laminated boards, Zooper!

  • Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd launches Nivesa pre-lam boards

    01 Jan 2017

    Nivesa pre-laminated panels are made using the best of polymer foils such as polypropylene, PETG and PVC, sourced from some of the leading foil manufacturers from all over the world. These decorative foils are then laminated in a state-of-the-art flt lamination unit using hot-melt PUR adhesive on MDF

  • NextGen acrylic takes big strides

    02 Dec 2016

    What’s the difference between this 5-layer technology and conventional products available in India?

  • Selecting the Right Laminate

    22 Sep 2016

    It is important to understand the structure and qualities of polymer laminates in order to get the best results while decorating furniture.

  • What are polymer laminates?

    01 Aug 2016

    With advances in polymer science and awareness about eco-friendly products, polymer laminates flooded the Indian market.

  • The magic behind the gloss

    01 Sep 2015

    Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai-based manufacturer, launched its OpuLux brand of super-high-gloss, scratch-proof thermoplastic-laminated panels in May 2014. WoodNews scratched its surface with its Managing Director, Mr. Pankaj Chandak, to delve into the chemistry of the popular product.

  • OpuLux is top draw in hi-gloss, scratch-proof panels

    01 Jul 2015

    Keeping in mind the feedback from its customers, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd understood that Indian furniture use demanded scratch-proof, super-high gloss surfaces. So it launched the fist made-in-India OpuLux super-high-gloss panels in 2012, using flt lamination technology and hotmelt PUR adhesive