OpuLux®- Fantasy

OpuLux - Fantasy are multicolor, multi-finish ready to use panels made using a multitude of acrylic surfaces. Different monochrome acrylic laminates are bonded together using a very special precision process to create OpuLux - Fantasy panels.

OpuLux - Fantasy range of panels is a remarkable breakthrough to beat the monotony of single color acrylic panels. Now the designers can create an uncountable range of color combinations while designing their furniture. OpuLux - Fantasy provides a complete freedom to the architects and designers to let their creative juices overflow while designing any furniture. It liberates them from the shackles of restrictive monochrome options when choosing acrylic panels.

The beauty of OpuLux - Fantasy is that all the different color options currently available in the entire OpuLux series, viz. OpuLux Scratch Proof, OpuLux Supermatt, OpuLux Acryl Glass and OpuLux Classic can be blended seamlessly to create the magic called OpuLux - Fantasy!

OpuLux - Fantasy is a tremendously versatile panel solution. It can be used to produce designer wardrobe shutters, bedroom furniture, living room units, dining tables, exclusive office furniture, hotel and restaurant furniture, retail shop fixtures.


Kitchen Shutters


Retail and Store Display fixtures


Hotels and Restaurants

  • Colors
    • customize your own colors.

  • Properties and Maintenance
    • Properties of OpuLux®- Fantasy



      Top Laminate



      Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, Composite Boards

      Back Laminate

      Polymer Laminate


      Hotmelt PUR

      Standard Thickness

      20 mm


      2440 mm


      1220 mm

      Gloss Level (at 60o)

      >85 GLE

      Scratch Resistance

      1.1 N

      Surface Protection

      Protective film on top

      Care & Maintenance of OpuLux® Fantasy

      Microfiber or regular cloth can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking the cloth. High gloss surface should not be cleaned using a dry cloth. No scouring or abrasive cleaning material must be used since these will damage the brilliance of the surface gloss. Window cleaners, thinners, acetone, ammonia or other aggressive chemicals should not be used for cleaning.

    • Advantages of OpuLux®- Fantasy




      18 mm x 1220 mm x 2440 mm - For Scratch Proof, Supermatt, and Classic panels 20 mm x 1220 mm x 2440 mm - For Acryl Glass Panels

      Top Surface

      Coextruded engineered acrylic


      Ply (BWR/Russian Birch)/MDF/PVC Foam/Particle Board


      1 mm engineered polymer - For Scratch Proof, Supermatt, and Classic panels 2 mm engineered polymer-For Acryl Glass Panels


      Hotmelt German PUR

      Gloss (at 60o )

      >90% for High Gloss Surface <8% for Supermatt Surface

      Scratch Resistance

      1.1 N, IHD-W-466, Class 1 - For High Gloss Scratch Proof 2.5 N For Supermatt Surface 2H for OpuLux Classic

      Surface Protection

      A protective PE film