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OpuLux® Classic prelaminated board

OpuLux® Classic is the first super high gloss prelaminated board manufactured in India to provide a mirror like surface finish on challenging substrates like plywood.

Best quality European super high gloss engineered thermoplastic (ABS-PMMA, acrylic) laminates having a mirror like gloss with integrated color layers are used to create OpuLux® super high gloss prelaminated boards.

The super high gloss thermoplastic sheets are laminated in a state of the art flat lamination plant using best quality hotmelt PUR adhesive. The adhesive produces a permanent bond which is impervious to heat and moisture. We offer a choice of plywood, MDF, particle board, or composite core to be used as a base (substrate). A high pressure laminate is used to balance the back side of the board.

OpuLux® boards are available in 1220 mm x 2440 mm size and 18 mm thickness. Customized size can also be manufactured for large quantities. Each board comes with a protective sheet to safeguard the super high gloss surface. The boards have excellent mechanical and optical properties. OpuLux® boards comes in a variety of vibrant and soothing colors. Our boards are resistant to UV, water, termite, and are borer proof.

OpuLux® boards are excellent for a host of many vertical surface applications. As no toxic fumes are generated during manufacturing or installation, they offer an excellent environmental friendly alternative to PU coating and lamination. They can be used to decorate:

  • Colors
    • 120 - Applewood

      121 - Sandalwood

      122 - Silver Mirror

      "Please note that colors, shades, ranges may vary from the actual product color because of printing, monitor setting. Colors, shades, ranges may be discontinued with or without prior notice."

  • Properties and Maintenance
    • Properties of Opulux Classic

      Base / Substrate

      100% water proof plywood / MDF


      Engineered thermoplastic alloy


      High quality adhesive

      Surface Finish

      High Gloss, >85


      White high pressure laminate


      2440 mm x 1220 mm




      Protective film on the top

      Special Attributes

      Water, UV & termite resistant, and borer free

      Care and Maintenance

      Proper treatment and cleaning of OpuLux® prelaminated boards would increase the increase the durability of the boards. Microfiber cloths can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking. Surface should not be cleaned using a dry cloth. No scouring or abrasive cleaning material must be used since these will damage the brilliance of the surface gloss. Window cleaners, thinners, acetone, ammonia or other aggressive chemicals should not be used for cleaning. Minor scratches and scuffs can be easily removed using a high gloss polish.




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