Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of premium prelaminated boards. All our products are recognized for their quality, consistency, and durability.

In 2012, we were the FIRST manufacturer in India to introduce a revolutionary lamination technology for high gloss lamination called - FLAT LAMINATION. Our flagship brand - OpuLux® is produced using imported engineered thermoplastic laminates (ABS-PMMA) on plywood, MDF, and particle board bonded by the best quality German PUR hotmelt adhesive.


Marching ahead with the innovation baton, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd is proud to announce the launch of another exquisite range of prelaminated boards - Nivesa!

Nivesa™ Prelaminated panels are made using the best of polymer foils like polypropylene (PP), PETG and PVC sourced from some of the leading foil manufacturers from all over the world. These decorative foils are then laminated in a state of the art flat lamination unit using hotmelt PUR adhesive on MDF.


Nivesa™ Prelaminated panels have a wide range of applications. They can be used to make all kinds of furniture which has vertical applications. Some of the areas where Nivesa™ panels can be used are:

Modular Kitchens

Bedroom Furniture

Living Room

Doors & Partitions

Retail Display/Fixtures

Office Furniture

Hotels,Hospitality,Restaurant Furniture

Exhibitions/Display fixtures

  • Colors
  • Specifications
    • Specifications of Nivesa Boards

      Top Surface Finishes

      High Gloss, Supermatt, and Textures

      Gloss Level

      High Gloss > 90%, Supermatt < 6%




      Hotmelt PUR

      Thickness Tolerance

      8mm, 18mm, and 25mm


      1220mm x 2440mm


      Textured White

      Surface Protection

      High Gloss - Protective PE Film

  • Care & Mainteinance
    • Nivesa panels are very easy to maintain. Microfiber cloth can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking the cloth with water. The surface can be cleaned using any non-abrasive liquid solution. Nivesa panels are environmental friendly. Solvent based cleaners or solutions should not be used to clean Nivesa panels.