OpuLux® Scratch Proof

As a pioneer in manufacturing high gloss panels using thermoplastic materials which exceeds customers expectations, Praveedh Décor Pvt Ltd is proud to announce the launch of OpuLux® scratch proof panels. The new OpuLux® Scratch Proof panels are made using an advanced engineer polymer: ABS-PMMA procured from Europe. The top surface of the polymer is coated with a proprietary coating which makes the surface scratch proof.

Just like the classic OpuLux® high gloss panels, OpuLux® scratch proof high gloss panels continues to meet the needs of current design trends and enriches the furniture market with its unmistakable surface quality, excellent gloss effect, and unique depth of gloss.

OpuLux® scratch proof panels are available on a choice of core materials like plywood, MDF, particle board, and composite materials. OpuLux® boards are manufactured in a state of the art facility using Flat Lamination Technology. The polymer sheets are bonded on the core material using the best quality German hot melt PUR adhesive. PUR adhesive provides a heat and water proof bonding.

OpuLux® scratch proof panels are completely environment friendly. They can be recycled.

OpuLux® scratch proof panels are an ideal solution for a host of furniture applications like:


Modular Kitchens

Bedroom Furniture

Doors & Partitions

Doors & Partitions

Retail Display/Fixtures

Office Furniture

Hotels, Hospitality, and Restaurant Furniture

Exhibitions and Trade Show Furniture

  • Colors
    • 100 - SP White

      102 - SP Cream

      103 - SP Cappuccino

      106 - SP Fire Red

      107 - SP Violet

      110 - SP Black

      111 - SP Dark Grey

      112 SP - Slate Grey

      113 SP - Light Grey

      114 - SP Metallic Silver

      115 - SP Metallic Grey

      117 - SP Metallic Beige

      119 -SP Metallic White

      123 - SP Metallic Blue

      124 SP - Cashmere

      125 SP - Feather Blue

      126 SP - Cobalt Blue

      127 SP - Revival Green

      "Please note that colors, shades, ranges may vary from the actual product color because of printing, monitor setting. Colors, shades, ranges may be discontinued with or without prior notice."

  • Properties and Maintenance
    • Properties of OpuLux Scratch Proof

      Top Laminate

      Scratch Proof ABS-PMMA


      Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, Composite Board

      Back Laminat0065

      High Pressure Laminate


      Hotmelt PUR


      ± 18 mm


      2440 mm


      1220 mm

      Gloss Level (at 60°)

      >85 GLE

      Scratch Resistance


      Surface Protection

      >Protective film on top

      Care & Maintenance of OpuLux® Scratch Proof Panels

      Microfiber or regular cloth can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking the cloth. High gloss surface should not be cleaned using a dry cloth. No scouring or abrasive cleaning material must be used since these will damage the brilliance of the surface gloss. Window cleaners, thinners, acetone, ammonia or other aggressive chemicals should not be used for cleaning.