OpuLux® Supermatt

OpuLux® Supermatt panels are the ultimate luxurious panels. A soft, smooth, velvety surface in exquisite hue is a treat for all the five senses. Using the latest advancements in nano technology, the coextruded engineered laminates provide an exceptional anti finger print decorative surface The enhanced proprietary lacquer coat on top of the laminate makes it scratch proof.


Modular Kitchens

Bedroom Furniture

Doors & Partitions

Doors & Partitions

Retail Display/Fixtures

Office Furniture

Hotels, Hospitality, and Restaurant Furniture

Exhibitions and Trade Show Furniture

  • Colors
    • OLU 500 SM - White

      OLU 501 SM - Cream

      OLU 502 SM - Cappuccino

      OLU 503 SM – Slate Grey

      OLU 504 SM – Black

      OLU 505 SM – Cashmere

      506 SM - Metallic Grey Supermatt

      507 SM - Metallic Beige Supermatt

      508 SM - Charcoal Grey

      509 SM - Blue

      "Please note that colors, shades, ranges may vary from the actual product color because of printing, monitor setting. Colors, shades, ranges may be discontinued with or without prior notice."

  • Properties and Maintenance
    • Properties of Suppermatt






      18 x 1220 x 2440

      Top Surface


      Coextruded engineered acrylic with a proprietary lacquer coating



      Ply (BWR/Russian Birch) /MDF/PVC Foam/Particle Board



      Engineered polymer (ABS)



      Hot melt German PUR


      DIN 67530 (60 Degrees), GLE

      < 8%

      Scratch Resistance

      DIN 68861/T4

      > 2.5 N

      Chemical Resistance

      Rating Group 1 B, DIN 68861/T1

      No visible changes

      Surface Protection


      A protective PE film

      Care & Maintenance of OpuLux® Suppermatt

      Microfiber or regular cloth can be used for cleaning the surface after presoaking the cloth. High gloss surface should not be cleaned using a dry cloth. No scouring or abrasive cleaning material must be used since these will damage the brilliance of the surface gloss. Window cleaners, thinners, acetone, ammonia or other aggressive chemicals should not be used for cleaning.