Praveedh offers a 5-step guide to keep in mind

“We truly believe that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little ‘extra’!, a quote that Pankaj Chandak, MD and CEO of Praveedh Décor Pvt. Ltd. truly believes in. He often shares this statement with his audience to describe the innovative, path-breaking work his company continues to do with many firsts to its credit. Praveedh being the first in India to introduce flat laminated acrylic panels, first in India to provide ABS backers for acrylic panels, first in India to provide scratch-proof acrylic panels on plywood, first in India to produce multi-coloured acrylic panels and first in India to provide foils laminated on plywood. And the journey of innovation continues, with Pankaj being the engine embodying his company’s brand promise – “Passionate About Panels.”

Here he shares 5 points to keep in mind while selecting the right panel materials.

1. Application: Where will the material be used – be it modular kitchens, bedrooms, hotels, hospitality, restaurants, exhibitions, offices, retail displays etc. Whether it’s a horizontal application or vertical application. For horizontal application – OpuLux Scratch Proof is an excellent product. For vertical applications Nivesa or OpuLux or Kronospan can be used.

2. Expected Life: If the expected life of the furniture is long, then plywood or birch plywood is a good material. For short to medium life expectancy, MDF can be used. OpuLux and Nivesa panels are available on all core materials like plywood, Birch or MDF. There are new colours added in Zooper and Kronospan lines for a wide range and variety.

3. Cost: Budget is also an important part which has to be taken into consideration while designing. For medium budget Nivesa and Zooper can be used. For mid to above medium OpuLux Scratch Proof high gloss and supermatt as also Kronospan can be used. For premium projects OpuLux Acryl Glass can be used.

4. Turnaround time: How soon the sight has to be completed is also an important criteria. As all our products are ready to use panels – there is no onsite work of lamination, curing, trimming etc is required. This reduces the site completion time exponentially. A huge advantage for large-scale projects as well as time crunched work.

5. Quality: All our products are laminated in a state-of-the-art flat lamination facility using advanced hot melt adhesive. Because of this, the surface finish of all our panels is top notch with no waves or undulations. Further, as the bonding is done using PUR glue, it’s heat and waterproof. All these features are not possible if the laminates are pasted by hand. The superiority and finish of our products makes it easily among the best in India. Abroad at exhibitions, OpuLux Scratch Proof elicits awe that our products are made in India and we set the bar in the industry.