OpuLux® Classic


OpuLux Classic is the first super high gloss prelaminated board manufactured in India to provide a mirror like surface finish on challenging substrates like plywood.

The super high acrylic sheets are laminated in a state of the art flat lamination plant using best quality hotmelt PUR adhesive. The adhesive produces a permanent bond which is impervious to heat and moisture. Anengineered polymer backer is used to balance the back side of the board.

OpuLux® boards are excellent for a host of many vertical surface applications. As no toxic fumes are generated during manufacturing or installation. They offer an excellent environmental friendly alternative to PU coating and lamination.

Why OpuLux Classic Panels?

High gloss finish with mirror and veneer look
Available on plywood, MDF, HDHMR, etc.
1220 x 2440 mm panels
All panels come with a protective foil
301 - Gold Mirror New Arrival
301 - Gold Mirror New Arrival
302 - Copper Mirror New Arrival
302 - Copper Mirror New Arrival
300 - Silver Mirror
300 - Silver Mirror

Please note that colors, shades, ranges may vary from the actual product color because of printing, monitor setting. Colors, shades, ranges may be discontinued with or without prior notice.

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