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Zooper Ultramatt

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Zooper® - Prelaminated Boards

A ready to use solution for carcass and shutters, Zooper® Prelaminated boards are manufactured using the best quality of raw material. With Zooper® products in the factory, the customers have a complete peace of mind. Zooper® are a true value for money.

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Plywood is manufactured by gluing thin layers of wood veneers bonded together under pressure. The wood layers are laid such that the wood grains on adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other. This arrangement, known as ‘cross-graining’, improves the dimensional stability, nail holding capacity, and uniformity in strength across the entire area of plywood.

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MDF is an engineered wood product made using wood fiber, and a resin binder. The mixture of wood fiber and resin binder is subjected to high pressure and temperature conditions to form boards. MDF is extremely ‘homogenous’ as compared to plywood and natural wood.

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Particle Board

Particleboard is a composite engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, or saw dust, or other waste wood products, bonded together by a resin. This mix is then pressed or extruded into panels.

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